Matt & Kate Blakeslee started the CMYK Community with a hunch...everyone has an idea of what “church” is and there’s a whole bunch of people who don’t connect with that idea. What if we strip away a lot of the typical baggage that can come with this word and we created something that revolved around beautiful essentials of what it means to be a community living for what matters?

A community that gave away more than they “received”.
A community that didn’t own a building but only existed as people.
A community that was open to doubt, questions, wrestling, and not having all the answers.
A community that was always honest...even if that meant challenging a tradition or narrative we grew up hearing or believing.
A community that believed everyone matters and was on the same level independent of place, history, race, sexuality, gender, or belief. 

In 2013 Matt and Kate began to connect with others in Billings who were driven by some of the same values they felt and were passionate to help create a new faith community. CMYK launched in the fall of 2013 and we’ve been experimenting with these ideas ever since.

How We're Moving Forward


As a community our leadership comes from our larger group of intentional community leaders. This crew of people gathers regularly to connect and see how things are going with our respective meals and the CMYK community as a whole.  Matt and Kate continue to pour into the purpose and values of CMYK, but everything is driven by our community approach.

We do have a separate team (council) that serves to help us administrate and direct our finances to the best things possible. They also serve as a point of accountability for those with the checkbook.

Our council is currently: Josh Anderson - Matt Blakeslee - Parker Brown - Ethan Kanning - Kendra Shaw - Kris Glenn