Art House Cinema & Pub   Kidcare at 10:30 am | Art House bar open 6:00 pm

Art House Cinema & Pub

Kidcare at 10:30 am | Art House bar open 6:00 pm


Reconstruction    We’ve got to start building something at some point after deconstruction.  How do we do this?


We’ve got to start building something at some point after deconstruction. How do we do this?


The series below have ended now, but you can still listen in via podcast at 

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When the End is Not the End

Life is filled with mystery. Many times we can see what’s coming and know that there’s an ending ahead, but what happens when life turns unexpectedly? How do we process situations when there’s a disconnect between what science says is happening and what actually happens? Does all mystery in the universe simply get defined as “God”? Is there a better way to view these things?


From Control to Connection

We all have a desire to connect. Whatever our situation or interest, we want to live in connection with each other. Yet the reality is that we waver between connection and control. Why is that? How is that?



‘Voice’ takes a look at the power and significance of something we all carry. Our voice. If we choose to use it, our voice has the potential to create a more beautiful way forward for our lives and our community.


As a church and community, CMYK has passed the five year mark. This stirred up thoughts about what is this thing called CMYK? Where are we headed in the next five years?

For the month of January, we took time to answer these questions. Read about them and our vision for the future here.

We also heard from other members of the community as they shared their experience of being Present, Honest, Open and Love(d).


(re) understanding HEAVEN + HELL

Everyone has their own picture of heaven and hell. Is it a healthy picture? Is it even biblical? How does our understanding of heaven and hell impact our life today? In this series, we explore these questions and more.

Click here for the Study Sheet


Capitalism:  A Story of Love and/or Hate.

Capitalism is something that many of us are dealing with in our life and our country.  In this series we dive into how capitalism and money influence our approach to the life and teachings of Christ.   


Agree To Disagree

We live in a very polarized culture and society right now.  Many times we find ourselves in strong disagreement with our friends, family and those we love.  How do we navigate those waters when we believe differently from those closest to us?


The Bible + Sexuality

Sexuality is an integral part of humanity.  We believe the Bible has beautiful things to say about it, but scripture is often used to create a binary or black & white view of sexuality.  We believe the Bible invites us into a more colorful, inclusive and affirming view towards our own and other's sexuality.




Everyone's story matters.  In this series, we heard stories from different people in the CMYK Community.  Where they are right now.  What they're wrestling with.  Where they have been. 

It's been a real journey for all of us, inviting connection and engagement at a deep level. 

Our desire is to embrace each other's stories and engage in such a way that our world view and our lives expand to become more beautiful and loving people.  You could even say ... to become more like Christ.


Roots, Branches & Fruit

To start off 2018, we explored the origins of the Christian church. What deep roots were planted 2000 years ago?  What were the branches that grew from those roots?  What fruit - both good and bad - are we living with in our world today?  The series is posted on our Podcasts, if you'd like to check it out.

If you'd like to study this more deeply, check out The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why by Phyllis Tickle.


Talk Series: "The Art Of The Lament"

In October - November of 2017, we focused our gatherings and talk podcasts on the practice of the lament.

Many times it can seem that true spirituality or Christianity  is working only when things are going great.  This is broken idea of the work of Christ and the invitation of scripture.

We've all experienced life when it is not going good.

There is brokenness, pain, questions, doubts, and frustrations all around us.  In response the full reality of life, the scriptures have always invited us to lament.  This is a deep spiritual practice that helps us recognize and process the pain in and around us.

As a community we spent 6 weeks walking through the text of Lamentations together, learning what it's about and what it's invitation and practice meant for us in 2017.  

Listen in on the talk podcast.  For further study, check out Soong-Chan Rah's Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times.

"The Art Of The Lament" in Our City

In week two of this talk we dealt with the good work of taking ownership of our city.  It's in this act that we begin to lament in a healthy way.  Below is a link that lists some of the realities of our hometown.  This is not an exhaustive list, but will hopefully help in beginning to see, feel, and speak of the brokenness around us as we take ownership of it.

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